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Successful businesses must send press releases on a regular and consistent schedule. Weekly or monthly press releases work best. That is why we offer unlimited PR distribution for only $299 / year for a single company.

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Unlimited Press Release Distribution for One Company - $299 / Year

Unlimited Press Release Distribution for SEO Firms or Resellers - $49 USD/ Month

Successful press release experts know that you must send more than one press release to be effective. Weekly or monthly press releases work best. That is why we offer unlimited pressreleases for $299 USD per year for a single company. Features:

  • Automatic placement of your press release in thousands of news sites, blogs, social networks, newspaper sites, TV news sites, radio news sites, search engines.
  • Your press release will reach thousands of media contacts, bloggers and consumers.
  • Include 5 hyperlinks, 2 images and 1,000 words in each press release.
  • Your press releases remain live for at least three years without advertisements.
  • Packages for re-sellers or SEO firms available. See details at

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PR Distribution site Posts Press Releases at Popular Newspaper Site

PRBuzz press releases are now featured at "The Daily Herald".

Bring on the most fabulous and high end press release visibility. The kind of press release visibility that will have websites recognized and retained in the minds of customers. This is how ensures that it works in the most effective ways to bring enhanced and optimized press release results. PR Distribution done right especially to a newspaper that has tons of readers is bound to bring on a great deal of publicity. The exposure for the business as well as the website is phenomenal. makes certain that the brand image of websites is built up steadily and gradually. This is done by posting the PR at the right spot such as popular newspapers sites like

Avail the most affordable pr distribution packages to improve the success of your marketing

In today’s cut-throat competition, various businesses adopt different ways in which they could promote their online business successfully. But sometimes, many businesses confront problem of finding the right advertising methods for their business. With so many possible approaches to follow, the decision can be daunting. Especially when you have a limited marketing budget, it’s essential to make sure you are spending your dollars effectively.

Among different advertising tools, one of the most obvious strategies you should consider is pr distributions, also called press release distributions. Now a majority of pr distribution sites available that syndicate their news stories, meaning that your content will easily be picked up very quickly across a high number of news syndication sites and web based news sites. Moreover, it’s not so difficult to distribute pr online as compared to traditional method. This means that submitting your press release to pr distributions sites isn't something you have to worry about. What you need to do is just create an account on pr distribution site, and let the site carry out the work for you.

Online supersleuths need PRBuzz, too

Not so long ago, if you wanted to find out more information about someone than they were willing to let you know, you hired a private investigator who had access to all kinds of secret tools and databases, and who knew the best way to get information out of the person’s friends, family, and associates. While the romantic PR presented in the old detective novels or film noir classics might not have reflected the reality, hiring a gumshoe was just about the only option available to someone who needed a thorough investigation of an individual or company. Nowadays, however, resources such as give virtually anybody access to some of the same tools the PIs use. SearchBug provides people search, fraud prevention, and data verification services to many industries, as well as to individuals. Of course, like any good investigator, knows the value of gathering information of all kinds, from a rich variety of sources, because one can never tell when the information that a client wants just might pop up. That’s part of the reason that the people at choose to get press releases from PR distribution service

PRBuzz: The Top Choice for PR Distribution for SEO Pros and Webmasters Worldwide

PRBuzz started business in 2005 as a free pr distribution service. After one year and 20,000 customers they started charging a modest $99 per pr distribution.

When the economy got bad and businesses started hurting money, decided to do what they could to help. They began offering the rate of only $299 per year for unlimited pr distribution.